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FIFA 19 integrates the UEFA Champions League, as well as the UEFA Europa League and UEFA Super Cup on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC, it includes 55 national teams as well as 35 licensed leagues.
In PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC gameplay, new features allow players to control the pitch in every moment, from tactical approach to each technical touch, including the new Active Touch System that changes the way players receive and strike the ball, 50/50 Battles where reactions and player attributes determine the outcome for winning loose balls across the pitch, and the new Dynamic Tactics system that gives players greater ability to set up their squads and customize their tactical approach.

Features the drama from the group stage through to the final or play a custom version of the tournament with any European club of choice included in the game.

Players can choose to chase the UEFA Champions League trophy as iconic young footballer Alex Hunter, alltempt to lead the United States Women's national team as Kim Hunter, or define the role of Danny Williams on the Premier League team.    This mode is avaialble on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

FIFA 19 will include several new modes, including Headers and Volleys, No Rules, Survival Mode, and First to. These modes can be activated in the House Rules settings. Headers and Volleys limits goals scores to only headers and volleys. The No Rules mode eliminates fouls entirely as well as offsides, allowing players to play simplified matches. Survival Mode forces players to lose a teammate every time they score a goal (excluding goalkeepers). Once a team scores 5 goals, the match is over. First to simply sets a goal limit that players must compete to reach first.