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The Burning Legion returns to the critically acclaimed and undisputedly most successful MMORPG in online game history, World of Warcraft. Legion, which is the latest expansion, brings lots of quality content to the table that are better compared to previous expansions. Mythic+ Dungeons, the new World Quest system, improved personal looting, and perfected raiding are just a few things that Legion has to offer to veteran players.

For newbies, the game is more accessible than ever before. Level scaling in the Broken Isles plays a big part, making it easier to party up with friends and guildmates that have hit level 120 before you, but still keeping the game challenging enough. With the stabilization of the WoW token since its release in Warlords of Draenor, it’s become even easier to continue playing WoW Legion due to the ability to purchase game time purely with mere Warcraft gold.

Not only are the gameplay mechanics enhanced, but the story in the life of the world of Azeroth has vastly improved from the cop-out time trave in Warlords of Draenor and far from the Asian roots of Mists of Pandaria. Legion is known as the best expansion WoW has ever had since Wrath of the Lich King by bringing back the old, powerful, and fan-favorite villains in its lore like Gul’dan, Kil’jaeden, and IllidanStormrage.

But what's the best part of Legion? You can finally be a Demon Hunter. Enough said, now, get to playing!

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Though WoW has better gameplay, it's still sharp in MMO tradition. Money talks and gold is king to progress in Legion. Not only do you use gold for purchasing BoE gear and various amenities like crafting materials or vanity, but it’s also used for buying carries or boosts in Mythic+ Dungeons and raids. The crème de la crème is that you can use WoW gold cheap and easy for game time via WoW tokens. Even if you purchase with real money, it's cheaper than buying the personal subscription outright from Blizzard or acquiring a time card. What place will sell WoW gold for cheap that’s legit, scam-free, and easy?

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