14 Days Of Fortnite: Fortnite's 14 Challenges

01/09/2019 08:54 AM
Epic Games has brought back the 14 Days Of Fortnite challenges in Fortnite: Battle Royale.

After an Epic employee told gamers that the challenges would be live for a few days after the 14th day, the company then ended the challenges much earlier. This led to a great deal of backlash, including this angry rant from yours truly, and a few days later Epic made the right move and announced they'd be bringing the challenges back. (At first, they just gave out the special glider for the 14th challenge to everyone who participated in the event, but this was not good enough for many Fortnite fans.)

Bringing back all the challenges is definitely a good thing for gamers---and for Epic from a public relations standpoint---since many players were too busy over the holidays traveling or spending time with family to actually complete many of these and banked on having a few extra days to wrap them up. Some of the rewards are really great, also, like the wonderful Gingerbread Pet or the Disco Wrap.

In any case, here at Forbes Games myself, Paul Tassi and Dave Thier wrote up a bunch of guides for the 14 Days of Fortnite. They're linked to below with maps, screenshots, and tips as well as the reward for each day.

It's Christmas in Fortnite all over again.CREDIT: EPIC GAMES

Good luck and happy holidays all over again!
Day 1: How To Start Or Join A Creative Server
Day 2: Where To Visit Two Giant Gandy Canes
Day 3: How To Play 3 Matches With A Friend
Day 4: How To Throw A Snowball At Players In 4 Different Matches
Day 5: Where To Fly Through 5 Golden Rings
Day 6: Where To Search 6 Waterside Goose Nests
Day 7: Where To Find Presents And Boogie Bombs
Day 8: How To Deal Damage With 8 Different Weapons
Day 9: Where To Dance In Front Of 9 Holiday Trees
Day 10: How To Land Tricks In 10 Different Locations
Day 11: How To Thank The Bus Driver On Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC and Mobile
Day 12: Where To Destroy 12 Snowflake Decorations
Day 13: How To Place 13 Devices On A Creative Island
Day 14: How To Search 14 Chests

You have until January 15th to finish all of these challenges and earn all the rewards.

Day 14's challenge is also great, but the Equalizer Glider was given to players as an apology gift when Epic ended these challenges early, so many players will already have it. If not, you just need to finish Day 14's challenge.

The toughest of all these challenges may be Day 11---remembering to thank the bus driver 11 different times is surprisingly difficult!

In any case, good luck solving these and earning the free rewards, and kudos to Epic Games for doing right by its fanbase. This makes me very happy, as now I can squad up with my kids and finish these up, or at least the ones that count.

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