Bethesda Is Dealing with Damaged Reputation in Fallout 76 Update along with Npcs and a New Battle Royale

06/12/2019 02:31 AM
Since the poor release of Fallout 76 did damage to Bethesda's reputation and the Fallout brand overall, Todd Howard has explained it before. To deal with the serious issues and revive the player's faith for the game, Fallout 76 decides to start a free Wastelanders update this autumn, in which would not only add human NPCs, but a new main quest, choice and consequences along with new weapons and gear to the game, and a 52-player battle royale mode.

In Wastelanders, players can embark on quests with and fight alongside NPCs. Followed the leaving the vault and exploring the wasteland in Year 1, the Wastelander with Year 2 is about reclaiming it.

As for the NPCs, they might play the two roles known as Raiders and Settlers, which are trying to stake claim over Appalachia. You can help them following the storyline and earn the rewards including weapons and armor. The different story you choose will decide the faction they will side with.

A new battle royale mode along with an additional update will appear, according to the Bethesda E3 2019 conference, we have known a preview of the mode called Nuclear Winter showed vault dwellers throwing punches at one another to the death, fighting off irradiated baddies, building shelters, shooting at one another and seemingly dropping nukes in an effort to become the overseer of vault 51.

In the new pvp mode, there are 52 players in total in an area, in which they must kill monsters and other players to protect themselves with a forest fire shrinking the fight area to make sure the match time doesn't go too long.

From June 10, you have the chance to experience the new battle royale mode, and there will be exclusive perks to level up your character as rewards. Now it's time to start your Wastelander exploring.

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