Bethesda Revealed The Details Of Fallout 76 Special Seasonal Event With Patch 11

07/16/2019 01:35 AM
Fallout 76 is the latest version of the Fallout series developed by Bethesda Game Studios on November 14, 2018. And the latest update of Fallout is going to arrive this month, bringing a new patch and special event.

Beyond the unknown name of the "new seasonal event", Bethesda still announced some details about the special event and new patch. It is now certain that the path will be officially released tomorrow, July 16, but the launching date of the special event has not yet been revealed. Next, let's take a look at what big changes will happen in Fallout 76 this July.

It will be an event involving a Supermutant trader and his companion, a party and involvement from the community. The Supermutant named Grahm, who sets up shops wherever he goes to trade goods with players is going to hold a party with his brahmin companion's help to put everything together well.

The Dwellers around Appalachia are gathered together, a hot Seasonal Event is about to begin, which might not be an exciting racing, just a happy traveling. Of course, every player who helps Grahm hold the party will be rewarded during the whole event. However, what a little regrettable is that we can't figure out what these rewards are and how to get them by now.

Don't wait too long, the new Patch 11 is on the way, along with a variety of systemic changes and new features, followed by the special Seasonal Event, Bethesda has promised to release more details in the coming weeks.

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