Diablo 4 Was Supposed To Be Announced At This Years Blizzcon, But Blizzard Temporarily Changed Their Mind To Cancel This Plan

11/06/2018 02:56 AM

In the recent Blizzcon Carnival, the official did not announce Diablo 4 but brought a mobile game Diablo: Immoral, which was launched in cooperation with Netease, which attracted a lot of dissatisfaction. And now there are rumors that Blizzard actually intended to announce Diablo 4, but temporarily canceled the plan before the start of the show!

Kotaku learned that two people familiar with the original plan of the 2018 Blizzard Carnival said that the carnival opening ceremony will release a video after the release of Diablo: Immoral. In the video, Blizzard co-founder Allen Adham will tell you that Diablo 4 is under development but still unable to show to the audience.

However, we know that this has not happened. Blizzard canceled the plan a few weeks ago. It seems that the development team has not prepared for this promotion. It is said that Diablo 4 has become unrecognizable in the past four years and may continue to change. It seems that it has replaced at least two completely different versions.

However, the above content is still uncertain, and Blizzard has not yet made any comments. If they really announced Diablo 4, fans will definitely not be so disappointed! I don't know why the official canceled it. Anyway, most players are very disappointed with Blizzard's approach.