Fallout 76 Legendary Loot And Power Armor Bugs Will Be Corrected In a Hotfix By Bethesda

07/23/2019 02:04 AM
Last week, we heard that Patch 11 of Fallout 76 was released, but it ended up with a mess. Then Bethesda began to figure out how to deal with the bugs rapidly in the hotfix. Whether this time there will be obvious changes or not?

The first point to solve is the bug of Power Armor in Patch 11. Many players complained that they are likely to be trapped inside the armor in the game freeze and can't use any equipment any longer. Although Bethesda has not found a specific reason, it is indeed one of the major issues to be reworked.

Bethesda has received the report from some players and announced that we are actively We're actively investigating reports from some players who stated that they're missing Power Armor pieces following Patch 11, as well as issues like some events and daily quests that aren't completing correctly, stability issues, and more. While we don't have updates to share on these issues just yet, we are actively investigating everything you've been reporting to us and we are looking to address as many of these bugs as we can with future updates.

Additionally, the Legendary loot in Fallout 76 was also followed by several new issues, even more terrible than the ones in Power Armor. The original purpose of Patch 11 is that once the enemy is killed, the loots will appear on the body more quickly. However, the reality is accompanied by most of the mess, under the Legendary titles, there are some non-Legendary enemies to be shown up. So even if they are killed, it is impossible to drop Legendary items from them.

In the hotfix, Bethesda has worked for a long time to make up for this bad update, as for the test server that many players call for, it has also been included in one of the considerations. Fallout 76 has experienced many setbacks and blows along the way, hopefully that they will bring an effective improvement this time.

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