Fallout 76: You Can Play the Game More Easily According To The Next Patch

07/10/2019 03:03 AM
Bethesda is planning to roll out the next Patch 11 of Fallout 76 in mid-July 2019, it is said that we can play it with new improvements and challenges for low-level characters to survive the Wasteland more easily in Fallout 76 which means that the world of Fallout 76 is going to reduce hunger, thirst, disease, and radiation.

"More time to brew," said Bethesda. The characters who are under level 25 will pay fewer caps when traveling fast, while the ones under level 15 are able to have higher disease resistance. Beyond those, more items and supplies are going to replace a number of early Challenge rewards by Bethesda to give the early players more chance to survive. Other changes are listed include making food take 50% longer to spoil, no longer wiping out stat bonuses from food and drink after fast traveling, as well as making encounters with higher-level enemies outside of the Forest, the game's starting area, more rare.

Another two things need to be finished in Patch 11 of Fallout 76. A large wave of bugs is going to be addressed including C.A.M.P building errors, Pioneer Scout Challenge bugs and looping gunshot sound effects. At that time, you can add your favorite alcohol to your Punch Bowl at any time, ready for getting blind drunk at parties with your friends in game.

It is not a long time to wait, all the updates are going to launch soon for PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One.

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