Far Cry 5 Guides: Things to See, Places to Go, Stuff to Do

02/12/2019 09:38 AM
Pretty detailed list of fun stuff to do around Hope County, from unlabled wingsuit locations, to freestyle parkour areas!


So you've done everything there is to do in Far Cry 5 and want more! This is a quick, but detailed guide to fun stuff to do around Hope County. Basically, these are areas I found that around that have fun or interesting things to do (They might be in some missions).

Wingsuit / Base Jump Locations

Wingsuit Locations, you obviously don't have to follow the path, they're just the ones I found the longest from the point or the coolest stuff to see.

#1: Rattlesnake Trail Bridge, Canyon Ride

Difficulty: Super Easy or Hard.

The first wingsuit route is in the top left of the map in Jacob's Region. To get to the wingsuit spot you have to climb up quite a ways as you can see in the image. A short, but fun, climb up with jumps and grapples, and not too difficult. Just make sure you don't go all the way up to the lake, if you jump from there you'll probably get a "not so fun" ride down the falls. I recommend jumping from the extended rock after the grapple downwards (You'll understand when you get there) The reason this one's difficulty is "Super Easy OR Super Hard" is because it depends what style you plan on gliding with. A casual ride with no dips or turns going over the falls works fine, but for the people who want a challenge, try riding in between the walls of the canyon on the way down.

#2: Haskell Lookout Tower, Bridge Challenge

Difficulty: Medium.

This wingsuit route is slightly east of the F.A.N.G. Center. It's an easy drive to get up there, but if you're still early game then watch out for the cultist. Goto the south-west rocks to the right of the zip line. From there you'll see in the distance the two bridges, you will fly over the first and through the second (or over/under the second if you don't want to go through) If you make it and continue gliding you should end up somewhere in the Moccassin River's Delta, or the road past the bridge. For an alternative route go under the 2nd bridge on the left side, there's a small creek you can follow down between the walls. For a longer glide, you can start from on top of the watchtower, and go in any direction you want really.

#3: Moutain Goat Camp, Long Glide

Difficulty: Easy.

To get to this area you have to walk... a lot... or fly up in a helicopter. Where you start is a rock extending from the camp up top. Now you probably noticed I put two paths on the map, that's because there are two paths! (Wow, imagine that!) These routes take about 2 minutes from start to finish, and you can see a lot on the way down.

#4: PIN-KO Radar Station

Difficulty: Easy.

This area is north of Fort Drubman Getting up to this point is super easy, just ride up or take a helicopter up. Once you get to the station there may be cultist there if you're still early game. Goto the far east of the station and you'll see a helipad and a taller rock ledge to the left of it. Jump from there and you'll fly all the way down to the road, or a lake if you don't make it that far.

#5: Ozhigwan Falls

Difficulty: Easy.

This wingsuit route is south of the PIN-KO Radar Station. Again, to get up there is a decent climb, or just take a helicopter. This one goes under a bridge which you see in one of the story missions, and if you want a challenge you can try to land on it. You'll end up somewhere down the falls but can wingsuit off some of the larger rocks if you want.

#6: Raptor Peak

Difficulty: Easy.

This wingsuit route is north of Rock Bass Lake in Faith's Region. The climb up is challenging and I highly recommend it. Also, you'll get ambushed by eagles at the top so beware (It will also be mentioned in the climbing areas section of this guide.)

#7: Angel's Peak / Joseph's Word

Difficulty: Easy.

Remember that giant statue you destroyed first thing, well. first thing if you're a cool kid..., of course, you do! Now fly up to the top and jump off. Why? Uhhhhh, because you want to!

#7: Harrisson Lookout Tower

Difficulty: Easy.

Located in the south-east of Faith's Region. There is a rock area with a wind sock on it, you can jump from there going east for a decent wingsuit path.

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