Final Fantasy XIV Guide: How To Level Up Quickly In Shadowbringers

07/09/2019 01:35 AM
It has past away for almost one week since the day Final Fantasy XIV announced that it had been ready for Shadowbringers last Tuesday, the Warrior of Darkness had already embarked on an adventure, however, the characters at lower levels were never what they wanted, as a result of the guide about FFXIV power leveling is necessary, at least no need to act like weaksauce characters.

Take Shadowbringers for example, more new challenges and content are added, your level determined your ability, here are guides about how to level up during Shadowbringers of FFXIV, which is applied to a majority of expansions of Final Fantasy XIV.

In general, new jobs are worthy of trying in the expansion. It was advised to choose one of the two new jobs, Gunbreaker and Dancer from Shadowbringers as a character in order to level up as quickly as possible with 60 starting level. But the process is not much complicated, even a novice player.

What more difficult is the leveling from level 70 to level 80, which is the new cap of leveling in Shadowbringers. At that time, most of the players have adapted the new jobs and races and are recommended to dive into Main Scenario Quests to obtain more experience points.

On the way to the level cap of 80, it is allowed to unlock the level requirements of the Main Scenario only completing most side quests, so you will experience some of the best yarns the game has to offer.

Don't forget to complete the side quests especially for the ones who are in low-level, which is an effective way to level up quickly, every 5 levels finished, it's available for a new set of class quests, so just go head to do it.

Just like in real life, everyone must eat food and drink to survive, so does Final Fantasy XIV. The more you eat, the faster you can upgrade. Fruits and vegetables are essential during the eight hours for eating and three square meals a day which can be bought from stores by using Final Fantasy Gil. After eating, it's available for more experience to upgrade quickly without costing much.

The lack of FFXIV Gil is a common occurrence for general players who didn't know how to manage their own Gil. When they spend much time in front of the computer in gathering up more Gil, but cost them quickly. If so, it's time to find out another way to obtain FFXIV Gil more safely and faster. Go directly to the stores outside for buying it.

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