Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers Stepped Into Antomata-Themed Dungeon

07/03/2019 01:45 AM
July 2, 2019 is the day when Final Fantasy XIV announced the release of the new expansion Shadowbringers. That's to say, all players are able to enter the new post-apocalyptic parallel world after today, it seems that there are much differences from the past Eorzean, even the light in the sky might be brighter. It is definitely a pretty good choice for fans who have been waiting for a long time. But for the players who are too busy to be in front of the computer, our review does make them temporarily addicted.

In a dungeon themed Automata, the old players may appear as new identities. Two new races are added into for the expansion, the bunny-eared Viera and the mysterious Hrothgar along with two new classes, Dance wearing a golden suit and Gunbreaker which is a tank using gunblades. The veterans are supposed to consume more physical strength to reach the level cap to 80. It’s impossible to finish playing all the new things in a short time not as good as reading what's new.

Now you can order Shadowbringers according to two editions: Collector's Edition and Standard Edition. The Collector one is available to download with costing $59.99 for Digital Download on PlayStation4, Windows and Mac, while $199.99 is for Physical of PS4 and Windows, the Mac version is only available as a Digital Download.

The other side is Standard Edition with costing $39.99 for Physical and Digital Download of PlayStation 4 along with Digital Download for Windows and Mac.

By the way, you have to clear up your computer for enough Memory which is not less than 1.9 GB in order to make sure you can run the computer without any problems. Once finished, you can start your adventure.

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