Fortnite Guide: Where to find Fortbyte 40 'with the Demi outfit on a sundial in the desert'

07/08/2019 02:48 AM
Fortnite Battle Royale Season 9 Battle Pass owners have access to the Fortbyte challenges. Each Fortbyte can be found via location-based challenges or by completing specific tasks.

By the end of Season 9, there will be 100 Fortbytes that players will be able to collect.

Some Fortbytes also require players to wear a specific skin, emote or toy, and so does July 7’s byte.

The latest Fortbyte to become available for players to collect is Fortbyte 40.

Fortbyte 40 location
It’s easiest to collect Fortbytes within the Team Rumble LTM in order to avoid early deaths. Players can also spend time during the match collecting multiple bytes.

Before hopping in, players must make sure they have reached level 87 of the Season 9 Battle Pass. If you have not, you won’t be able to equip the Demi outfit nor collect the byte.

Fortbyte 40 is located directly to the north of the gas station in the desert biome.

Here’s how to collect Fortbyte 40:

Equip the Demi skin within your locker in Fortnite.
Join a Battle Royale match.
Land at the sundial outside of Fatal Fields.
Locate Fortbyte 40 on the ground.
Collect the Fortbyte.

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