How To Become Stronger By Gathering Up Bottle Caps In Fallout 76?

07/05/2019 07:50 AM
Must be acknowledged that Fallout 76 Bottle Caps have become a valuable and standard form of currency, in West Virginia, which is a strange wasteland full of mutant creatures, players are fighting for leveling up and equipment. Also getting enough Bottle Caps is almost everyone's dream because they have to survive while just few ones know how to gathering up Bottle Caps in order to make themselves more stronger.

Bottle Caps are regarded as a kind of universal currency in Fallout 76, which can be used for trading, such as buying food, water, weapons, materials and other more. So it's always necessary to collect a little more Bottle Caps when free, especially for the players who aren't able to have much time to stay in front of the computer.

By completing quests
Fallout 76 is all about challenges and quests and most of the Bottle Caps are gathered up by completing quests for the vast majority of players. The quests are divided into simple and difficult, players must follow the game prompt steps to complete the quests to obtain the corresponding reward. Of course, the more difficult the quests, the greater reward players can get.
By trading with others

Generally speaking, every player can trade with either vendors or other players. During the adventure throughout the wastelands, it's very likely to meet a large amount of items, some of them are quite useless, why not sell them to vendors to exchange more valuable items you want? So take good care of every item in case of need.

Or, trade with other players directly. It's allowed for players to trade with each other and the economy is purely driven by NPC in Fallout 76. but the difference with vendors trading is not as predictable, the items and prices are both dictated by players.

By looting the enemies
Every time you kill an enemy, you will get all Fallout 76 Bottle Caps of the enemy, in other word, the more enemies you killed, the more Bottle Caps you can get. But be careful, the next one you meet may be even stronger than you.

By earning bounties
There is a bounty system in Fallout 76 which can place a bounty on players' heads by hostile actions. Once killed them, you will get a nice sum of Bottle Caps as bounties. Earn them.

By direct purchasing
Instead of working hard on your own, it might be better to purchase any number of Bottle Caps at will directly. The game currency provider will send the Bottle Caps to your hands rapidly once you finish the orders, which can help you save much time.

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