How to Get UFO Tattoos in GTAOL?

01/31/2019 02:06 AM

In GTAOL, it is very difficult for players to get a UFO egg tattoo, because this tattoo requires the player to complete 600 bunker stealing raw materials, and in the end it is not necessarily the tattoo. It can be said that it is very difficult. So for the player who wants to get this tattoo, I have brought you the GTAOL UFO egg tattoo method, I hope to help.


First of all, let me talk about the situation of the egg, the task prompt is very simple, directly ask you to get the goods, directly out of the green point of the cargo icon, the usual tasks are not the same, the usual task is a yellow point. When you get on the bus, the radio is in a no-signal state and rustles. Even in the snow, the sky will be thundering. When approaching, the car will turn itself off. From the picture, there are several cages, indicating that some aliens were locked in cages at the beginning (the aliens were unconscious?), with the number of cages, some should be transmitted to the vicinity to see the situation. Then from the death of everyone, there is blood behind it, which means "backstab". Killed by aliens from behind.

I tried to put a viscoelastic bomb in the position where the alien appeared after taking the alien egg, but it did not die after it appeared.


First of all, MK2, everyone knows the way MK2 receives the wing 130 recently, but if the task lets you blow the plane and fry the car. Sometimes the wing can't be returned by pressing the space.

The reason is that the right-hand launch missile caught the wing and retracted.

The solution is to take back the missile once again and the wing will be retracted.


If the task is a single carrying raw material, it is best not to drive into the bunker when you return to the bunker, get off into the bunker and leave the car outside. The reason is that if the car is inside, when you open a new mission, you come out, the car is still inside the bunker, which wastes you have to call a mechanic. If the car is outside, it will give you the right road.

When the task is connected, the mouse can be placed at this position of the task button, and then press the Enter button madly, so that it is so troublesome to consume the raw materials without moving the mouse. (This is just a personal habit)


The tasks are basically based on MK2. The speed I said is based on the undead situation. Because one death has to run a small distance from the past mission point, it is also called Mk2.

Banning Mission

The task material is in the third of the left and will never change. When you arrive, you can send a few missiles first, hit the NPC hard, then fly in and go, you can also play a few hairs when you come out. If you are not sure, get off the bus a little bit, not getting off is the best.

Airport mission

Because there are several tasks to clear the person first, the best of the first clear people are looking for a high place. This mission can fly to the top of the building first, use Gatling or machine guns, first explode the explosion box, basically finish the explosion box, the helicopter will come out, first blow the helicopter and then clear the rest. Then called the transport helicopter, hanging raw materials. The basic box cars are all equipped with transport helicopters. One is to save a little time, the second is to avoid the NPC on the ground, to avoid NPC blocking to kill you, and then have to run over the clear NPC and drive.

Go back to the road section about 600km before the bunker and take this shortcut directly. Otherwise, follow the navigation to take a zigzag.

Struberry task

Don't go directly to the yellow dot, look at the small map, go to the small map, go in under the bridge, go inside and park inside, the task box is behind the wooden box on the left hand side. Not saving from the yellow point is saving time.

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