Maplestory M: Get a Special Gift Box To Celebrate The First Birthday

07/15/2019 01:55 AM
Maplestory M formally launched last year, recently to celebrate the first birthday, Nexon announced a new class Phantom's Proposal with a special box from July 1 to July 17. There are some gifts in the box including three Unique Weapon Whetstone, three Unique Armor Whetstone, Five Auto-Battle Charge Ticket and Rolls Mount. At the same time, the Summer Update of Maplestory M is upcoming soon.

Now, everyone can obtain the gifts as the following steps:

1.Download Maplestory M
2.Open the application to connect
3.Tap the Pre-Register Event button shown onscreen
4.Pre-Register from the Event page
5.Receive your event gift

Once finish the exciting in-game quests including Maple Memory Leaf Gathering events, the players get special rewards and a One Year Anniversary Special Attendance Event to obtain rewards like a special Damage Skin and Boss Accessory Choice Boxes.

Phantom is a master thief who can steal the abilities of characters in the Explored class by using a cane. One of the special skills is Judgment, which can come into play when delivering critical damage to mobs and give the players more damage by triggering randomly stacked cards. The Phantom characters who are level 3 to 100 can be able to level up a total of 3 levels for each level up through the Mega Burning event.

There is a romantic event for the couples in the update, the couples who get married in the game will get the great rewards including the eternal ring, and they are allowed to hold a party with their friends. The guests who attend the wedding can also get the special rewards. Romantic season.

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