Maplestory M: Where To Spend Maplestory M Mesos You Earned?

09/09/2019 02:52 AM
If you always put all Maplestory M Mesos you earned in the pack, it is meaningless and will bring no help to your character. On the contrary, if you spend a large amount of Mesos to upgrade worthless weapons and equipment, it seems a bit stupid. So you'd better earn some Mesos in the limited time and spend most of them in a suitable place.

Maplestory M is a very popular mobile version of Maplestory series, especially for the '90s, which was a game that accompanied them throughout their whole childhood, and have gotten millions of downloads since its global launch. While Maplestory M Mesos does play a very important role as a fixed tradable in-game currency.

Once having enough Mesos, you can decide how to use them correctly, here are some simple ways to farm Mesos:

1.Completing daily quests
Most of Mesos in the game can be earned by completing daily quests, once you made some efforts, you were able to receive a certain amount of MapleStory M Mesos as rewards. Moreover, there is an auto-quest feature in the game, which can help you complete the quests and gather up Mesos automatically after setting.

2.Go ahead to the dungeons
Dungeons, where there are plenty of opportunities to obtain MapleStory M Mesos, travel throughout he dungeons to complete your adventure, you can get at least three equipment once, sell them to players who need, and bring back Mesos.

3.Sell unnecessaries to others
Every day, you have spare time to play Maplestory M, not all items you get can be used, if so, click "sell" to sell the unnecessaries to others, which can bring more wealth for you than throwing them away.

4.Buy Maplestory M Mesos
It can also be understood that you don't have much time staying in front of the computer when working, if your Mesos can not satisfy your need, it is best to buy some for purchasing potions and upgrading equipment, with cheap and ultra-fast delivery.

Where to spend your "money"?

Your in-game level is directly proportional to the consumables, as the level increasing, you need to exchange almost everything in Maplestory M, even some valuable ones, so keep saving.
Weapons, armor, and more, the essential equipment would cost a significant portion of Mesos, such as buying an epic armor from the store, which can help you complete the quests of the dungeons faster.

On the other hand, the level of your weapon determines your level. At higher levels, you'd better save money for more challenging quests, so those items below your equipment level will no longer be used.

The best way to leave Maplestory M Mesos is to spend them directly, even though those don't make more Mesos for you, here is the guide, and the rest is up to you.

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