Maplestory News: Maplestory Returns Adventure Along With Available Pathfinder Update

07/11/2019 01:49 AM
After a quiet period of time, Nexon finally announced that our old friend Maplestory had returned back with a new character class Pathfinder on June 26. During the recent years of upgrades and expansions, Maplestory has provided more than 40 classes, but we still looking forward to what kind of excitement the brand new class could bring to us in the millennia-long battle against the evil Black Mage.

Pathfinder is a bowman in possession of magical relics in game who can give unique abilities to players. During the update, Pathfinder is allowed to play around with the conclusion of the Black Mage storyline where players can explore the new Adventure island events, take on a new themed dungeon as well as leveling up faster with new characters by using the Tera Buring Project.

From the trailer from Nexon, we can discover more details about Pathfinder Class including the character's cursed backstory, along with a chance to see the special skills and flashy abilities of Pathfinder which can be used in combat.

Hyper teleport rock (30-day duration): teleport to most locations in the World Map, or to a specific player’s location, to link up with your buddies.
Double EXP coupon (1-day duration): doubles earned experience.
Double drop rate coupon (1-day duration): doubles items and mesos earned by hunting monsters.
Unique meso sack (90-day duration): open this sack to receive
6,000,000 or more mesos, with a small chance to get up to 750,000,000 mesos. Must be opened within its duration.
Kino (90-day duration): a cute orange mushroom companion. Feed your pet to improve your relationship and unlock special commands. It will also help you out by picking up items and mesos as you explore.
Permanent Code of Hammurabi chair coupon (14-day duration): recover 50 MP and 50 HP every ten seconds while sitting in this special chair. Redeem this coupon within its duration, and the chair is permanent.
Everything is prepared for you, although the update is still free-to-play, you absolutely go to stores for a few Maplestory Mesos for changing character appearances and enhancing the gameplay.

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