MLB The Show 19 News: Diamond Dynasty Reveals Include XP Reward Path, Signature Series

03/13/2019 03:03 AM
MLB The Show 19 Diamond Dynasty is going to be this week’s hot topic, and gamers got a sneak peek on today’s version during GameStop Monday. In the brief two-minute video a quick synopsis is explained about the upcoming new Diamond Dynasty modes and rewards.

First up, XP Reward Path. The Diamond Dynasty XP Reward Path is self-explanatory. In XP Reward Path mode you can earn by playing anywhere in the game and earn some huge rewards based on your performance. From Diamond Players to special unlockable items, you can earn XP through any mode you play on.

XP Reward Path 2019

Next up is Team Affinity. In the all-new Team Affinity section of MLB The Show 19, you earn rewards while you rack up innings with players from your favourite teams. The more innings you collect, the more team-specific awards you will earn. This should be a very popular mode for gamers who can collect more items than before just by playing their favourite teams.

So, no matter who your favourite team is, use them early and often!

This new portion of MLB The Show 19 Diamond Dynasty seems very cool. And judging by the way it was introduced in the trailer, it seems like a biggie!

Are you ready to track down autographs? You need to be for this new series mode. The creators teased the Signature Series mode the least, which means on Thursday, March 14 they will probably go into greater detail.

While they mentioned many all-time greats, the only autograph reveal was Willie Mays. The card looks awesome and this mode surely will be a popular one.

Other mentions include more customizable items that will appear on MLB The Show 10 Diamond Dynasty. From baseball bats with flames, diamonds and other designs, something tells me this is just the tip of the iceberg. By the way, all these items are purchasable and available for anyone with a certain amount of MLB 19 Stubs.

Gamers won’t know the full story until later this week! Just stay tunned with M8X.COM to get more latest news and deals on the MLB The Show 19.