MLB The Show 19 News: New Diamond Dynasty Rewards Revealed

03/14/2019 06:11 AM

Returning in MLB The Show 19 is the fan-favorite Diamond Dynasty mode, and Sony San Diego has made a few improvements to the mode’s rewards.

For those unfamiliar, Diamond Dynasty is essentially MLB The Show‘s version of “Ultimate Team” in EA’s FIFA or Madden franchises; you build a team of players – both present superstars and past legends – using the different cards you collect.

This year, there are more ways than ever to earn player cards and other rewards for Diamond Dynasty. In this week’s video, Sony San Diego breaks down the different ways you can play MLB The Show 19 and earn prizes for Diamond Dynasty.

The first is the XP Reward Path and it’s pretty straight forward. Simply playing MLB The Show 19 will reward you with XP that you can use to unlock Diamond Dynasty rewards, including players and other special unlockable items.

Another new feature is Team Affinity. This rewards you for playing innings with players from your favorite team. Using the Chicago Cubs as an example, if you log innings with Anthony Rizzo, you’ll unlock team-specific rewards.

Perhaps the most exciting announcement for Diamond Dynasty was the reveal of the all-new Signature Series, a set of rare and powerful unlockable players. Sony only briefly teased this new card set, with more details likely coming on Thursday, March 14; but, it sounds like you’re going to have to hunt down autographs for past legends, like Willie Mays, in order to unlock these players for your squad.

Other improvements to Diamond Dynasty include new maps and scenarios for Conquest mode, new customizable gear options like stylish bat skins with creative designs, and the addition of Choice Packs as rewards for Ranked Seasons and Battle Royale.

Diamond Dynasty may be the most popular game mode in MLB The Show and these improvements are great, but I’m still saddened that Sony has opted not to include Online Franchise in this year’s game.

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