NBA 2K19 Harden Pink Diamond Time Card Data Review

01/30/2019 01:41 AM

Recently, James Harden, who is in a hot state, has another pink diamond card. It has been almost a month. NBA 2K19 has already launched three Harden time cards. What is the property of this diamond drill Harden? ? Today, I will bring you a brief review of the NBA 2K19Harden pink diamond time card data.


In the Rockets vs. Grizzlies game at 9:00 am on January 15th, Beijing time, Harden made 17 of 33 shots in the first 34 minutes of the debut (6 of 3:15, 17 of 18) and 57 points. ! In addition, there are 9 rebounds and 2 assists. The Rockets also beat the Grizzlies 112-94.


Various attributes

This Harden pink diamond has a total value of 3888. There are three highlights in the six categories (outline score, athletic ability, inside score), a green zone (organizational ability) and two yellow zones (defensive ability, rebounding ability). .


Offensive ability

Offensive end of this Harden inside and outside the line is good, the projection has a maximum of 96 of the three casts, three-thirds also gave a considerable 88; inside the offensive in addition to regular close range and layup, dunk ability Yes, the back is also available; the ability to hold the ball is more prominent, 94 speed of the ball +95, the breakthrough is terrible, but because of the passing vision of only 50, long pass has the possibility of mistakes, So everyone should not put him in the position of PG.


Defensive ability

The defensive end is still Harden's short board, 74's ball defense, 80 traverse and 80 interference shots are obviously lower for a pink diamond. Harden's few pink cards are the problem, 2K is also intended More obvious, after all, there is still an anniversary in the series.

The 15+6 badge is composed. If the Xiaobian is not mistaken, it seems to be the most heroic moment in the card. The 6 Hall of Fame badges are very practical for long-range shots, unlimited range and tough scorers.

The badges are complemented by the ball defense and pick-and-roll dodge, and the rest can see their needs.

Horizontal contrast

The three powders are a bit exaggerated. The new one has the strongest scoring ability, but the organizational ability is slightly lower than the previous two cards, and the defensive problem has not improved significantly.
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