Path Of Exile 3.8.0 Blight Mechanic Guide

09/03/2019 02:53 AM
As the exiles who are the first time to come to Blight, they are always searching for some help to play better, only four days away from the release date, you'd better make every day to note down all the guidance you can find. Today, we are going to share the mechanic guide in Blight league challenges on M8X about POE 3.8.0.

Tower-defense mechanism
During Blight, the former melee combat system seems to have been forgotten, replaced by a brand new tower-defense mechanism. A scared Blight is bringing a serious threat to all creatures on the continent of Wraeclast, and the fungal growths protected by the monsters are spreading at an unimaginable speed, you have to build as many towers as possible to stop the monsters' attack, or using your skills to kill them directly. Efforts are not in vain, and what you pay for will get rewarded, Oil would be one of the most anticipated rewards in Blight league.

Almost every zone in the league contains a Blight, and as long as you encounter one of them, you can get the oils. A total of 12 oils are increased with the league, and each oil has its own effect, you can sell them to others in exchange for Poe Currency or combine them to form other effects.

The oils can provide powerful Amulet and Ring enchantments to the players, which are determined by the type and number of oils placed in the enchanting device.

Besides, more 13 secret notables with special skills are available through oil enchanting, like Cleansed Thought, Vengeant Cascade and more.

Blighted Maps
If you want to gather up as much oil and rewards as possible by encountering Blight, it is recommended that you pay attention to the Blighted maps to make sure you can meet more powerful monsters.

In Blighted maps, there will be a much larger amount of Fungal growths found, which can be discovered in the Tower Defense portion of the game. Check games gold from M8X now to get more POE Items or POE Currency.