Path Of Exile: How To Get The Passive Skills By Keystones In Path Of Exile: Legion?

07/02/2019 02:00 AM
We had played Path of Exile: Legion for nearly one month and experienced many new contents, challenges, items, gems, a whole game-wide overhaul of melee combat and much, much more. One of the major changes in Legion is the keystones. The keystones are altered by jewels on the Passive Skill Tree in powerful and interesting ways. Which all are designed by Hrishi. Here are the details of these keystones we can list.

First of all, we should know the rules that keystones should follow for the five legions.

Keystones should:

Follow the premise of "give something, take something".
Be "unique", such that they can provide something which is unobtainable or hard to find from other sources.
Attempt to circumvent the basic rules of the game.
Significantly impact the way your character is played or built.
Be somewhat self-contained, in the sense that it should "work" without needing a combo of something else incredibly specific.

Check out each individual keystone as follows.

Divine Flesh
"This was one of the first keystones to be done", from Hrishi, which was changed a lot before the final version with the additional attribute of all damage taken bypasses Energy Shield and 50% of elemental damage taken as Chaos Damage with 10% to maximum Chaos Resistance.

The purpose for doing was to make your character to max out your chaos resistance rather than you had to stack Elemental Resistance.

Eternal Youth
You can own 50% less life Regeneration Rate and 50% less maximum Total Recovery per Second from Life Leech Energy Shield Recharge instead of applies to life with Eternal Youth. It might be adverse the keystones which have energy Shield taking aspects of life. It is a keystone that can cause your life to recharge instead of Energy Shield.

Corrupted Soul
Unlike most other stones, Corrupted Soul is designed as a hybrid-focused keystone, which can help you gain an extra 20% of Maximum Life as Extra Maximum Energy Shield. Moreover, you can get the reward with some more Energy Shield to scale off your life total by distributing the damage amount between the two pools.

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