Path Of Exile Legion Gets More Hostile For New Players By Chris Wilson

06/10/2019 01:56 AM
Only two days left in the countdown until Path of Exile: Legion launches, we have made much discussion and prediction about the update and master some guide following Wraeclast. According to the newest interview of the game's director Chris Wilson recently, we got the news that they want to make the game harder with the next major update, legion, in other word, when you go into an ecosystem which you aren't too familiar, also known as new players are much more difficult than you imagine.

To some extent, the update Legion is getting more hostile, in turn the players are able to obtain more reward when overcoming a tough enemy or boss no matter new or experienced players. We don't know why it did that, what we can ensure that the game is planing to create a feeling with new tools by dodging out of attack.

Before the Legion releases, the team is working for rebalancing the early monster combat to be harder and more satisfying according to Chris Wilson. Not less players expressed expectation for the change and just waiting for a few days to find out how the latest update alters the fell of early game combat.

More addition about balance tweaks will be applied to melee combat through an array of areas including early-game combat, the ability to strike multiple targets, skill rebalancing, support gems.

The full details are available on June 7 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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