Path of Exile News: Synthesis Expansion Is Live Now

03/12/2019 06:19 AM
Path of Exile: Synthesis introduces a new Challenge League to the popular free ARPG. Synthesis is all about questing for lost memories and its dungeons are made by players, assembled from fragments of the decaying memories of an NPC named Cavas. It's an intriguing high concept for a game that's often a bit generic in its theming. Although for some gamers, the theme features a rather eccentric and stereotypical storyline, however, succeeds in graphics design and new content.

That's not all that's been added in the latest Path of Exile update, and the full list of changes has been released and published on the official news section if you've got enough time to read them all. Among the changes is a complete balance overhaul of all Path of Exile's spells. No biggie.

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