Path of Exile: Synthesis FLASHBACK EVENT Located in the Path of Exile

05/13/2019 06:29 AM
Announcement came that a competitive Flashback Event in Path of Exile will be running from Saturday May 11th (NZT) to Tuesday June 4th (NZT) , accompanying much pleasure and challenge for the Exiles.

The event is planed to run in parallel with the Synthesis Challenge League which probably causes burden on servers, technical mess will be seen everywhere, however, it's just personal guess, don't get into a panic.

Included rotating mods from 11 popular past Path of Exile leagues are expected about microtransactions, Mystery Boxes, Demigod's Immortalities and b ragging rights up for grabs.

Mods collected are able to persist just one hour, and later will randomise for each area again, the Flashback Event is supposed to have three random mods from popular past leagues activated at once which means that you will continue finish the challenges before you compete with Flashback.

As mentioned above, “random”are known as central words, all those mods and crazy events will be present in every area such as Anarchy, Invasion, Breach, Ambush ,Incursion and Betrayal, lag-hopping everywhere must be unavoidable.

To solve the problems, GGG has run multiple versions including Standard, Hardcore, Standard SSF and Hardcore SSF for the Flashback Event no matter PC,Xbox One or Playstation 4.

Confusion about how to receive the prize among the event has been raised, only level 35, you're able to receive a Glimmerwood Mystery Box as award appearing on you account automatically even if you are dead.

What should to be mentioned is just only possible once per account to get the Mystery Box, and the Ascendancy Class already existing will be disabled.

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