Stay with the Ball Handler

03/15/2019 02:47 AM

In a customary diversion, you control one player at any given moment. That implies the four different safeguards on the court are constrained by the CPU. Fortunately, CPU protection has improved from a year ago, so you don't need to stress as a lot over going through safeguards on circle. Despite the fact that you can play off the ball safeguard and deny passing paths, you don't really need to do this to be an incredible protector.


Rather, we prescribe changing to whichever safeguard is on the ball handler. To naturally change to the protector covering the dribbler press: X on PS4, An on Xbox One, B on Switch. Right when the ball leaves their hands, you can change to the protector nearest to it. In the event that you get sufficiently agile, you can at present upset paths by taking approaching passes and boxing out hostile rebounders with L2/LT right when you switch. It's the best of the two universes.


Remember that it's never an incredible plan to leave the CPU on a dribbler for in excess of a couple of moments. While the CPU is skillful, they won't play as tight of protection as you can while controlling the closest protector.

Play Active Defense


Your main goal on guard is to prevent the ball from experiencing the circle. Staying with the ball handler and getting your hands up for shots is a begin, however you likewise need to constrain the offense into lower rate circumstances. Basically getting a hand up when Steph Curry shoots a three appropriate behind the curve probably won't support that much. Rather, you have to urge ball handlers to make less than ideal moves: cross-court goes, shaky shots, amazingly heedless spill moves.


First off, utilizing quick mix (holding down the two triggers) gives you a chance to remain in a cautious position while closing down spilling paths. You can cut off drives, constraining players pull out to the border by continually remaining before the offense. Around the edge, and especially in the corners, utilizing hurl (tap O/B/A) physically prods the dribbler back. Throw can compel dribblers outside the alloted boundaries, upset their equalization, and give you an opportunity to either make a speedy take endeavor or quality challenge.


The more you limit open hostile looks, the almost certain you are to leave away with a shot. Here and there you'll get singed paying little mind to how great of safeguard you play. Now and then they'll deplete a vigorously challenged shot. In any case, the more you make the offense work for their focuses, the more stops you will make.


Use Takeover to Boost Abilities

In our NBA 2K19 survey, we discussed another ongoing interaction highlight called Takeover which gives lifts to key characteristics. Every player has something like one Takeover, and three of the nine conceivable lifts relate to resistance. On the off chance that you play well with a player for a predictable stretch, you can initiate Takeover by pushing down on the correct trigger. In the event that their Takeover capacity is guarded, it will appear as one of three symbols: A lock, a pail encased in a shield, or a wine glass. The lock connotes lockdown safeguard, the shield marks extraordinary edge defenders, and the wine glass reveals to you that the player is a power to be figured with on bounce back circumstances. Give especially close consideration to the lockdown protector Takeover, as you have a more noteworthy possibility of blocking shots and making takes when it's actuated. You'll know when it's dynamic when you see an ablaze symbol alongside a player's name.


In case despite everything you're experiencing difficulty containing the offense in the wake of using these tips, we exceedingly prescribe 2KU, the in-diversion instructional exercise that will show you the intricate details of playing guard.


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