The Difference Between NBA 2K19 & NBA 2K20

09/27/2019 07:43 AM
Over the years, Visual Concepts has been focusing on the development of NBA 2K franchise simulation video games, and the year's NBA 2K20 launched as scheduled in early September, fans had a general understanding for it. Inevitably, someone always tries to discover the difference between NBA 2K20 and the previous installment, NBA 2K19, which seems to prove that NBA 2K 20 is indeed better than 2K19 in terms of gameplay. And we did, it was easy to find the difference between the two installments.

Better Graphical Effect in NBA 2K20
We compared the graphical setting in both installments, and it's easy to figure out the difference. In the new game, the players are more vivid and real with more intense lighting and color palette, nothing is more exciting than watching real-life idols on the screen. This is one of the reasons what fans exactly can't stop playing NBA 2K20.

Of course, the effect of graphics is related to the resolution of the screen of the gaming device you are using, and it is always the case most of the time.

Easy shooting in NBA 2K20
After playing 2K20 for a while, someone thinks that there is a more difficult shooting in the new game comparing with the previous one, although the way of play has not been mentioned to change, the hit rate did decrease.

Easier MT and Harder MyGM
MT, or MyTeam, is set to complete with more rewards, prize and points, which encourages more players to create their own teams and play better, and the gameplay improvements did offer another enhancement to the experience.

Meanwhile, MyGM attracted fewer and fewer fans due to the unchanging setting, even though it achieved great success in NBA2K 19.