Tickets For RuneFest 2019 Are Available Now

09/05/2019 02:26 AM
Have you ever spent a lot of days in RuneScape? If so, you must have seen a lot of its updates and changes, from 2001 to now, it has grown from a baby to a strong grown-up.

In the world of Gielinor, there are many strange things happening, which is a world that was divided into different kingdoms, regions and cities, here, the soldiers in the cold weapon era are busy all day completing the quests through different adventures, and spending time with friends in the game.

The battle is not always there. In order to celebrate the success of another great year for RuneScape, the community planned to hold an event, RuneFest 2019, to meet the passionate players on October 4. It is time to buy tickets in order not to miss those cool panels, upcoming announcements and more.

When many players are still discussing Song of the Elves, the biggest update ever of RuneScape, RuneFest 2019 is already on the way, and nothing is more exciting than experiencing the amazing things in RuneScape 2019, if possible, it is best to bring your friends together. In order to thanks to your long-term support for RuneScape, all attendees will also receive certain unique RuneScape Items supplied by RuneScape Community.

During the waiting period, your challenge will never stop. When you complete some quests, more rewards will be paid for your efforts. And if you want to reach a higher level, some RuneScape Gold for sale can provide you huge help. After all, there are not many advanced weapons are available for free in the game. And you can check M8X to get the cheap RuneScape Gold from its games gold category now. 

Now, let's turn to the official site and check out the schedule of RuneFest 2019. RuneFest 2019 Schedule revealed!

RuneFest is the annual real-world event for RuneScape players, and those were hold every October for nearly two days from 2010, now, the Event Tickets for RuneFest 2019 are on sale, want to buy as soon as possible, just having fun the meeting.