Why Bethesda Can Not Make Fallout 76 Better?

09/06/2019 03:29 AM
Bethesda has racked its brains for this, but it does not change the current bad reputation of Fallout 76. Almost everyone says Fallout 76 is bad, but they can't stop playing it. Since 2018, the year of release of Fallout 76, players have started countless discussions, from system design issues, gameplay, reward set even bugs, they are all expecting Bethesda would make improvements through the updates, but it is true that it has not been better with an endless stream of new troubles.

It is hard to figure out clearly why Bethesda did not actively fix those bugs when players gave it a second chance. Fallout 76 may be the worst attempt of Bethesda, but we still sum up a few of its problems when waiting.

Bethesda is always trying its best to bring better game experience to the players through patches and updates, but the fix issues don't really solve what the players are concerning, but caused greater damage, so all the new content is in vain.

Undeniably, the original intention was perfect that Bethesda developed Fallout 76, however, nothing was more boring than challenging Fallout 76 found by the players. They can fight alone in the combat system, or fight side by side with friends, with no NPC, all players are told in-game story through text, starting at text on a computer for long time can be a real snooze.

I used to have a good time with friends in the dungeons of Fallout 76, it was very short. We thought that Bethesda would bring the same success as in the past, and we have bought abundant Fallout 76 Bottle Caps to gain XP more rapidly from outside stores, which can give us much help. But soon we failed.

Yeah, we have experienced several performance issues and quickly reported them to Bethesda. During this period, Bethesda is known for only ever fixing a fraction of its games performance problems. Those we encountered still exist like jokes.

In recent announcements, Bethesda always apologized to the players along with only unobtrusive improvements, I was already tired of it.

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