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Diablo 4: Players are rewarded with XP from Urn of Aggression

2023-09-13 07:49

In the 1.1.4 game, Diablo 4 players can choose to increase the cumulative bonus of Seasonal Blessing to 8% to enjoy Blizzard's healing.

The Urn of Invasion is one of the five blessings of Season 1 and can be unlocked by Smoldering Ashes, a free Battle Pass recipient. This is probably for the best, as it makes leveling up your character much easier.

I think this change will make things better.


Diablo 4 Patch 1.1.4 Instructions.
  • Gameplay updates
  • Bug fixes
    • Accessibility
    • Tasks and events
    • Others

Players who receive experience bonuses from Mother's Blessing create plans to implement the same plan permanently. Blizzard isn't actually doing this update in September, but they have to help the masses by enhancing the bonus abilities.

Blizzard says we’re increasing the total experience reward for the Pot of Invasion to make the seasonal blessing more impactful and help level 100 players reach their goals faster.
That's not all the patch can do. Other changes include minor bug fixes, most of which are related to quests and events. Therefore, gold coins will no longer be awarded after completing the "Retching Mass" activity. Also resolved an issue where Anetas' conversation with Vera would prevent the Poisonous Heart quest from continuing if the player left the scene.

A full list of the following precautions is available with permission here.

Diablo 4 Version 1.1.4 Notes.

Gameplay updates
The bonus gained by the Seasonal Blessing of the Urn of Invasion has been increased from 8% to 20%, making it easier for players to use and more efficient.
Bug fixes
Fixed an issue with screen readers not being able to read enemy names.
Tasks and events occur simultaneously.
Fixed an issue where the "Loras Polearm" and "Strange Amulet" fragments from the "Lost Shards" quest were falling when installed and not being picked up when re-entering town.
It does not address an issue that prevents progression on the "Remember the Goose" quest after removing the TV Urn. Anyone who uses the town portal or uses it to leave the game will be left behind after pulling out Tavish's dagger.
Disgusting Mass Event rewards now correctly turn into gold upon completion.
Difficulties in progression blocks can sometimes be resolved when players progress through the "Poisoned Heart" quest.

Fixed an issue with Kres dialog not showing up.
Fixed an issue with the Season Journey completion percentage in the Season Menu showing chapter progress.
Are there any reports of long term receipt of full stock?
Players will now be rewarded with qualifying points for reaching the Vicious Tunnel Season Journey.
Corrected some words in "A Thousand Words".
Improved visuals, performance, and game stability.

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